A possible closed form?

Does it have a closed form?

$$\int _{0}^{\infty }\!{\frac {x\cos \left( x \right) -\sin \left( x
\right) }{{x} \left( {{\rm e}^{x}}-1 \right) }}{dx}$$

EDIT: no need for answer, I just found the closed form. Thanks!

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\newcommand{\angles}[1]{\left\langle #1 \right\rangle}%
\newcommand{\braces}[1]{\left\lbrace #1 \right\rbrace}%
\newcommand{\bracks}[1]{\left\lbrack #1 \right\rbrack}%
\newcommand{\ceil}[1]{\,\left\lceil #1 \right\rceil\,}%
\newcommand{\dd}{{\rm d}}%
\newcommand{\equalby}[1]{{#1 \atop {= \atop \vphantom{\huge A}}}}%
\newcommand{\expo}[1]{\,{\rm e}^{#1}\,}%
\newcommand{\fermi}{\,{\rm f}}%
\newcommand{\floor}[1]{\,\left\lfloor #1 \right\rfloor\,}%
\newcommand{\half}{{1 \over 2}}%
\newcommand{\ic}{{\rm i}}%
\newcommand{\ket}[1]{\left\vert #1\right\rangle}%
\newcommand{\pars}[1]{\left( #1 \right)}%
\newcommand{\partiald}[3][]{\frac{\partial^{#1} #2}{\partial #3^{#1}}}
\newcommand{\pp}{{\cal P}}%
\newcommand{\sech}{\,{\rm sech}}%
\newcommand{\sgn}{\,{\rm sgn}}%
\newcommand{\totald}[3][]{\frac{{\rm d}^{#1} #2}{{\rm d} #3^{#1}}}
\newcommand{\verts}[1]{\left\vert\, #1 \,\right\vert}$
&\int _{0}^{\infty}{x\cos\pars{x} – \sin\pars{x} \over x\pars{\expo{x} – 1}}\,\dd x
\Re\int _{0}^{\infty}
\bracks{\expo{\ic x} – {\sin\pars{x} \over x}}\,{1 \over \expo{x} – 1}\,\dd x
\Re\int _{0}^{\infty}
\bracks{\expo{\pars{\ic – 1}x} – {\sin\pars{x}\expo{-x} \over x}}\,
{\dd x \over 1 – \expo{x}}
\Re\int _{0}^{\infty}
\bracks{\expo{-\pars{1 – \ic}x} – {\sin\pars{x}\expo{-x} \over x}}\,
\sum_{\ell = 0}^{\infty}\expo{-x}\,\dd x
\Re\sum_{\ell = 0}^{\infty}\int _{0}^{\infty}
\bracks{\expo{-\pars{\ell + 1 – \ic}x} – {\sin\pars{x}\expo{-\pars{\ell + 1}x}
\over x}}\,\dd x

\totald{}{\mu}\int_{0}^{\infty}{\sin\pars{x}\expo{-\mu x} \over x}\,\dd x
-\Im\int_{0}^{\infty}\expo{\pars{\ic – \mu}x}\,\dd x
=-\Im\pars{1 \over \mu – \ic} = -\,{1 \over \mu^{2} + 1}
\int_{0}^{\infty}{\sin\pars{x}\expo{-\pars{\ell + 1}x} \over x}\,\dd x
{\pi \over 2} – \int_{0}^{\ell + 1}{\dd\mu \over \mu^{2} + 1}
={\pi \over 2} – \arctan\pars{\ell + 1} = \arctan\pars{1 \over \ell + 1}

&\color{#00f}{\large\int _{0}^{\infty}{x\cos\pars{x} – \sin\pars{x} \over x\pars{\expo{x} – 1}}\,\dd x
\Re\sum_{\ell = 0}^{\infty}
\bracks{{1 \over \ell + 1 – \ic} – \arctan\pars{1 \over \ell + 1}}}

Is this what you have found?

$$\int _{0}^{\infty }\!{\frac {x\cos \left( x \right) -\sin \left( x
\right) }{{x} \left( {{\rm e}^{x}}-1 \right) }}{dx} = \frac{\pi}{2}+\arg\left(\Gamma\left(i\right)\right)-\Re\left(\psi_0\left(i\right)\right).$$

Here $\arg$ is the complex argument, $\Re$ is the real part of a complex number, $\Gamma$ is the gamma function, $\psi_0$ is the digamma function, $i$ is the imaginary unit and $\pi$ is also a famous constant.