Are minimal prime ideals in a graded ring graded?

Let $A=\oplus A_i$ be a graded ring. Let $\mathfrak p$ be a minimal prime in $A$. Is $\mathfrak p$ a graded ideal?

Intuitively, this means the irreducible components of a projective variety are also projective varieties. When $A$ is Noetherian, I can give a proof, as follows.

There is some filtration of $A$, as an $A$ module,
$$0=M_0\subset M_1\subset\cdots\subset M_n=A$$

such that $M_i/M_{i-1}\cong A/\mathfrak p_i$, for some graded prime ideal $\mathfrak p_i$.

Then I claim that the nilradical is $\cap\mathfrak p_i$. This is because

$$x^n=0 \Rightarrow x^nA=0 \Rightarrow x^nM_i\subset M_{i-1}\forall i \Rightarrow x^n\in \cap \mathfrak p_i \Leftrightarrow x\in \cap \mathfrak p_i $$ and

$$ x\in \cap \mathfrak p_i \Rightarrow xM_i\subset M_{i+1},\forall i \Rightarrow x^nA=0 \Leftrightarrow x=0.$$
Hence the mininal primdes are just the minimal elements in $\{\mathfrak p_i\}$.

I would like to know if this assertion is still true if we drop the Noetherian condition, or if anyone has some more direct proofs.


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