Calculate half life of esters

I’m trying to calculate the level of testosterone released from different testosterone esters.
Here are some graphs of testosterone levels after single injections of 250mg of each ester.

Testo U

Testo B

Each ester have a specific half life.
e.g. testo e have an half life of 4.5 days.
testo b 29.5
testo u 20.9

After an injection of an ester, there will be a specific amount in your body.
say 250mg.

Those 250mg will follow a normal half life curve for that ester.
And I know how to calculate that.
However, when the ester is reduced, the testosterone bound to it will be released.

So over time , more testo will be released from the ester, and the testosterone itself have some sort of half life I assume.

Not doing drugs here 😉 working on a medical app.

(sorry for the homework tag but I have no clue what this goes under..)

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