Calculation of the moments using Hypergeometric distribution

Let vector $a\in 2n $ is such that first $l$ of its coordinates are $1$ and the rest are $0$ ($a=(1,\ldots, 1,0, \ldots, 0)$). Let $\pi$ be $k$-th permutation of set $\{1, \ldots, 2n\}$.
$$g=\left|\sum_{i=1}^n a_{\pi(i)}-\sum_{i=n+1}^{2n}a_{\pi(i)}\right|.$$

Using Hypergeometric distribution calculate /approximate the $q$-th moment $E|g|^q,$ for any $q\ge 2$.

I’ve got that the $q$-th moment is
E|g|^q=\sum_{k=0}^l\frac{{l \choose k}{2n-l \choose n-k}(2k-l)^q}{{2n\choose n}}.
But now I am stuck…

Thank you for your help.

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