Good book for high school algebra

I’m gonna take a Calculus course next year, my professor suggest me to review high school algebra. I want to know, which book is good for refresh knowledge on high school algebra?

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This book, by Israel Gelfand, is perhaps the best book on high school algebra I have ever seen. Written by a leading mathematician, it is short, clear, and concise, yet provides a depth of understanding that you cannot find in many other books on the subject.

  • $\text{Higher Algebra}$ by $\text{Hall and Knight}$ is also a good book and has good deal of high school algebra.

  • You might also want to look at S.L.Loney’s $\text{ Plane Trigonometry}$. Since you are going to learn $\text{Calculus}$ it might be important that you know some Trigonometry.

You might want to take a look at the text by George F. Simmons, Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell. It is very concise, weighing in at only 128 pages, and like other books by Simmons, is extremely clear and well-written.

See also Lang’s Basic Mathematics.

I would also advice you Gelfand’s Algebra, I’m reading it now and it is great book for High-school algebra.