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I am trying to understand the concept of clique graph. So I found this page. But I do not understand the example and what “graph intersection” is.

example given in the page

Can somebody explain to me why $K_4$ is a clique graph of $G$?

All I understand so far is that this particular graph $G$ has 4 cliques they are all $K_3$.

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If we have some collection of sets, the intersection graph of the sets is given by representing each set by a vertex and then adding edges between any sets that share an element. (Wikipedia has a nice picture in the intersection graph article.)

The clique graph is the intersection graph of the maximal cliques.

As you note, $G$ has four maximal cliques.

Each of the four cliques shares at least one vertex with each of the other cliques, so in this case the intersection graph is complete.

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Suppose you go through and circle all of the maximal cliques of G (which, as you noted, are all G_3s). These will be the vertices of the clique graph. When two (or more) circles overlap at a vertex in the original graph, those vertices will have an edge between them in the clique graph.