Integer partition of n into k parts recurrence

I was learning integer partition of a number n into k parts(with minimum 1 in each part) and came across this recurrence :

part(n,k) = part(n-1,k-1) + part(n-k,k)

But, I cannot understand the logic behind this recurrence. Can someone please help me visualize this recurrence?

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Let’s consider an example: $n=8$ and $k=3$:


$$ $$

&P(8,3)\qquad=&& P(7,2)\qquad\qquad+&&P(5,3)\\
8&=\color{red}{6+1}+1\qquad& 7&=6+1\\
&=\color{blue}{4+2+2}\qquad&&\qquad &\qquad5&=3+1+1\\

Note that the partitions of $P(8,3)$ that have smallest integer part equal to one correspond to the integer partitions of $P(7,2)$ whereas the partitions with smallest integer part $>1$ correspond to the partitions of $P(5,3)$: