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How to conceptualize unintuitive topology?

I found Project Origami: Activities for Exploring Mathematics in my university’s library the other day and quickly FUBAR’d (folded-up beyond all recognition) the couple sheets of paper I had with me at the time. I showed the book to a couple friends who have studied some topology, and we looked at one project with the […]

What makes Probability so difficult to get it right in the first place?

I took two classes of Probability, I did very well and was confident on the subject. Now I meet it again in my Combinatorial Algorithm course, and guess what? I feel completely blank again! I have to review all my notes, look for examples … even though I’ve already “solved” them thoroughly. I realize the […]

Advice about taking mathematical analysis class

I appologize if this isn’t the place to ask, if it’s not could you let me know and I will take it to meta? Anyway, so I am planning on taking a mathematical analysis course next spring, and I’m really excited about it because it seems so interesting and fun. However, I know this will […]

Can I get a PhD in Stochastic Analysis given this limited background?

General advice on PhD apps welcome Given my limited background in stochastic analysis and other information (below), can I apply for a PhD with stochastic analysis for my dissertation topic? 1/4 I am currently a masteral student of mathematical finance, expecting to graduate sometime this year. I am not particularly interested in mathematical finance anymore […]

Is it possible to practice mental math too often?

I’m far from a mathematician, but the field I’m trying to break into (management consulting) requires a fair amount of mental arithmetic. I’m okay, but I’m not even close to as good as I need to be in terms of both speed and accuracy. I have math apps on my iPhone. I use online mental […]

Preparation for Putnam?

Currently, my math training includes Calc 1-3, linear algebra, and some introduction to set theory/discrete math. What would you recommend that I study over summer in preparation for the Putnam? Real analysis, topology, abstract algebra (all of the above)? What would be the most pertinent? Thanks!

Surveys of Current (last 50 years) Mathematics at Graduate / Research level?

What books or broad survey articles survey the mathematics of the last 50-100 years? The ones I’ve read do a good job conveying mathematics from the ground up but typically assume a complete beginner or high school student audience and therefore reach only as far as the advanced undergraduate curriculum (middle of the 19th century). […]

Ultimate GRE Prep

I’m planning on taking the math GRE Subject Exam in April (~11 months from today). I want to start preparing now in the hopes of scoring in the 95+ percentile. I have already taken a number of graduate courses and really need to refresh on some of the lower level stuff so here’s my plan: […]

What are the prerequisites for taking introductory abstract algebra?

I am a maths student in my second year of university. I have taken and done quite well in Calculus I, II, III as well as a linear algebra (application focused) class. I have not worked much with proofs. My school’s course catalog lists Abstract Algebra as one of the next courses but suggests a […]

Basic Geometric intuition, context is undergraduate mathematics

At some point in your life you were explained how to understand the dimensions of a line, a point, a plane, and a n-dimensional object. For me the first instance that comes to memory was in 7th grade in a inner city USA school district. Getting to the point, my geometry teacher taught, “a point […]