Articles of applications

Graph (or Group) in Astronomy

Is there an application of graph theory (or group theory) in astronomy. If there is, refer me some references.

When do we use Tensor?

I’m carious to see applications of tensor product. Is there any set of things that if they happen or we encounter them then we use tensor product, tensor algebra, …? I will be happy if it be explained beside an example.

What is an application of the dual space?

Does somebody know any application of the dual space in physics, chemistry, biology, computer science or economics? (I would like to add that to the german wikipedia article about the dual space.)

Group theory applications along with a solved example

As I asked in previous question, I am very curious about applying Group theory. Still I have doubts about how I can apply group theory. I know about formal definitions and I can able to solve and prove problems related to Group theory. But when comes to applications, I don’t know where to start. I […]

Applications of the number of spanning trees in graphs

Let $G$ be a simple graph and denote by $\tau(G)$ the number of spanning trees of $G$. There are many results related to $\tau(G)$ for certain types of graphs. For example one of the prettiest (to me) is that if $C_n^2$ denotes the square of a cycle, then $$\tau(G) = n^2 f_n$$ where $f_n$ is […]

Are there any sets other than the usual in which we can apply Sturm's axioms?

As we all know, Sturm’s axioms have completely solved the problem for finding the number of roots in an arbitrary interval $[a,b]$, using the derivative and forms a Sturm set. Now my question follows naturally that is there any other use of this axiom. When I learned the Sturm set, I thought it will be […]

What are the applications of convex sets?

I am studying now convex sets and very interested in applications of them in Computer Science (maybe ACM problems) and other real life problems. Coud you please give some examples? P.S. I am interested in examples that are strictly related to convex sets. And without this notion they would not be solved.

(Possible) application of Sarason interpolation theorem

This question is related to the following Wikipedia article on Nevanlinna–Pick interpolation. At the end it has been written as Pick–Nevanlinna interpolation was introduced into robust control by Allen Tannenbaum. I do not have the access of the paper or even if I had, without any basic knowledge on control theory, I would, perhaps, not […]

Error-correcting codes used in real life

I am very interested in coding theory and I wonder if there is a particular kind of codes used in practice. For example I read that Reed-Solomon codes are often used for encoding data on a compact disc. In particular I would like to know which kind of code is mostly used in real life […]

Background for studying and understanding Stochastic differential equations

Assume I have back ground of the following knowledge based on the textbook as : ODE : ODE by Tenenbaum Baby probability : Ross ‘s baby probability Baby real anlysis : Bartle’s introduction to real analysis (1st undergrad course in advanced cal) Baby measure theory : Bartle ‘s element of Lebesgue measure and integration 1 […]