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End of step symbol

This is more of a style question. We all know to end a proof with the good old QED (I use LaTeX’s $\qed$ $\square$). I have a proof that is kind of long, and I was to put a delimiter to say “This is the end of a major part of the proof”. It’s not […]

Basic guidance to write a mathematical article.

I’m trying to put together a mathematical article on how to obtain certain infinite series for some well known functions by a method of integrals (I like to call it “The Integral Method” – thank you), and I’m stuck on the structure of it. I have the following vague ideas. It should start by explaining […]

Starting sentences with mathematical symbols.

I apologise if this is a duplicate in any way or is too opinion-based. To what extent is it best not to start a sentence with a mathematical symbol? I find that when trying to solve a problem or prove something it’s an unnecessary distraction to care too much about forming proper sentences and so […]

Advice for writing good mathematics?

It’s been a (far-fetched, possibly) goal of mine to some day write a math Textbook. I’ve been thinking about writing this question for a while, but reading an exceedingly mediocre text on Mathematical Modeling has finally provoked me. In several paragraphs, I have already spotted numerous changes I would have made to the book (not […]

How are mathematicians taught to write with such an expository style?

I wasn’t sure if this question was appropriate for MSE. One of the major complaints we see in industry is a person’s ability to communicate which includes writing. We see the same thing on questions that are posted on MSE by younger students. However, the wonderful and skilled mathematicians on MSE both pose and answer […]

Why do proof authors use natural language sentences to write proofs?

I haven’t read very many proofs. The majority of the ones that I’ve read, I’ve read in my first-year proofs textbook. Nevertheless, its first chapter expatiates on the proper use of English in mathematical proofs, so I suspect that most proof authors do use both English (or another natural language) and formal proof systems for […]

Commas separating adjectives to describe mathematical objects.

Is there a convention which rules that in mathematics an object with some properties should be referred to as a “property 1 property 2 property 3 …object” rather than a “property 1, property 2, property 3, …object”? Specific example is an “oriented compact smooth manifold”. By googling this question I found that it would appear […]

Using “we have” in maths papers

I commonly want to use the phrase “we have” when writing mathematics, to mean something like “most readers will know this thing and I am about to use it”. My primary question is whether this is too colloquial. My secondary question is what the alternatives are if it is too colloquial. For example, right now […]

How to write a good mathematical paper?

I hesitate to ask this question. However I read many advices from math.stackexchange, and I couldn’t find anything similar. A good time always goes too fast! Two years are fled. In the third year of PHD, my major is general topology and I’m facing with graduation from PHD. I do enjoy research, however the pressure […]

Book about technical and academic writing

I’m in the process of writing my Master’s Thesis on automata theory. The writing must be in English which isn’t my mother tongue. So the question is, given that this is my first time long (hundred pages) writing and since English is a second language for me, what is the book you recommend for academic […]