Articles of book recommendation

Book on coordinate transformations

I am looking for a book that covers various coordinate systems in 3 dimensions, various methods of representing rotations and other transformations like rotation matrices and quarternions, including algorithms for conversions between various coordinate systems and representations of transformations. Is there a single book that covers these.

Suggested textbook for Multivariable Calculus

This question already has an answer here: Multivariable Calculus Book Reference 4 answers

Book suggestion for probability theory

I need a good rigorous book to learn probability theory. So far, I’ve been suggested Gnedenko’s Theory of Probability; Shiyayev’s Probability; Feller’s An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications. . Which one would you reccomend the most and why? Are there other books worth mentioning?

Books with more problems on card/urn and ball problems

I am struggling with combinations and permutations. One particular concept that is bugging me is selecting outcomes. I posed a few questions in a forum. \What is the probability that you are dealt a “full house”? (Three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank.)\ I received following answer “”When counting the number […]

Matrix Theory book Recommendations

I’m currently reading Sheldon Axler’s “Linear Algebra Done Right”. Can anyone recommend any good books on matrix theory at about the same level that might compliment it?

Books for starting with analysis

I am interested in self-studying real analysis and I was wondering which textbook I should pick up. I have knowledge of all high school mathematics, I have read How to Prove It by Daniel J. Velleman (I did most of the excercises) and I have completed a computational calculus course which covered everything up to […]

book for metric spaces

Can anybody suggest me a good book on Metric Spaces. Although I am not new to this subject, but want to polish my knowledge. I want a book which can clearly clear my basics. I want to start from the basics. Kindly suggest me. Thanks a lot.

What is the most complete book of integrals and series?

I’m looking for something like “If it’s not in this book, it’s not known”. I’ve got a copy of Gradshteyn and Ryzhik, which seems pretty good. But I’m hoping there are some better ones out there.

Exercise books in functional analysis

I’m studying functional analysis and I was wondering if there are some exercise books (that is, books with solved problems and exercises) The books I’m searching for should be: full of hard, non-obvious, non-common, and thought-provoking problems; rich of complete, step by step, rigorous, and enlightening solutions;

Elementary geometry from a higher perspective

I’m searching for some references that deal with topics from “elementary geometry” analysing them from a “higher” perspective (for example, abstract algebra, linear algebra, and so on).