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How do pocket calculators calculate exponents?

I’d like to know specifically how a pocket calculator (TI calculators also apply) calculates $e^{0.1}$, and what methods or algorithms pocket calculators use in order to produce their answer.

Subtraction of numbers with arbitrary bases

Possible Duplicate: How to do +, -, *, / with number in a base b? I am reading research papers in the category of recreational mathematics on the topic of numbers similar to Kaprekar number. Almost all the time we come across subtration of numbers with arbritrary bases such as 11, 13, 8 etc.. Can […]

In my calculator why does $\sqrt4 -2=-8.1648465955514287168521180122928e-39?$

I have tried this on my Windows 7 calculator with $\sqrt9 -3 $ it too gives some weird answer- ie$1.1546388020691628168216106791278e-37$. And so for any $n$(positive) $\sqrt n^2-n= wierd_ .answer$ Why does this happen?

Negative × Negative = Positive… right?

The wife and I were doing homework together, and we noticed something really strange when charting quadratics with a TI-series graphing calculator: f(5) = -x^2 + 110x – 1000 f(5) = -5^2 + (110*5) – 1000 f(5) = -25 + 550 – 1000 f(5) = -475 // Wait a minute… -5^2 = -25 // Negative? […]

How calculators do trigonometry

This question already has an answer here: How does a calculator calculate the sine, cosine ,tangent using just a number? 3 answers

What is the definition of $2.5!$? (2.5 factorial)

I was messing around with my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator and discovered that it will actually give me values when taking the factorial of any number $n/2$ where $n$ is any integer greater than $-2$. Why does this happen? I thought factorials were only defined for positive integers and $0$, so what is my […]

Calculator algorithms

Does there exist a good reference on the algorithms used by calculators, especially on the trigonometric and transcendental functions? I would still like to know how Casio generates its random numbers. I still wonder if they are any good.

“Why do I always get 1 when I keep hitting the square root button on my calculator?”

I asked myself this question when I was a young boy playing around with the calculator. Today, I think I know the answer, but I’m not sure whether I’d be able to explain it to a child or layman playing around with a calculator. Hence I’m interested in answers suitable for a person that, say, […]

Calculate on which side of a straight line is a given point located?

I am a programmer without really good knowledge in math. :/ So I have to write an algorithm that changes the color of pixel(dot) P to opposite if it’s on left side of the straigt line in coordinate system (and the line is not vertical, with that I mean, x2-x1 can’t be 0). The values […]