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Minimum area of Inscribed Square

GRE study guide asks The perimeter of square S is 40. Square T is inscribed in square S. What is the least possible area of square T? Choices are 45 48 49 50 52 They say answer is 50. How do they even get this? T has lengths less than 10, so it can be […]

Finding a number given its remainder when divided by other numbers

I have this GRE question that I’d like to know how to solve. I want to solve it in as simple a way as possible, since it is GRE material. In particular, I don’t want to use “congruences” or modulo arithmetic that I came across in other posts. Here it is: When the positive integer […]

GRE problem involving LCD, prime factorization, and sets.

I think this problem was a bit tricky and I’m trying to better think through this. Here is the problem: Let S be the set of all positive integers n such that $n^2$ is a multiple of both 24 and 108. Which of the following integers are divisors of every integer n in S? So […]

A couple of GRE questions

Look for help with the following GRE questions Question 1. If $C$ is the circle in the complex plane whose equation $|z|=\pi$, oriented counterclockwise, find the value of the integral $\oint_C(\cos z-z\cos\frac{1}{z})dz$. Question 2. How to show the sequence $\{x_n\}_{n=1}^\infty$ definted by $x_{n+1}=\frac{1}{2}(x_n+\frac{2}{x_n})$, $x_1\ne 0$ converge. Question 3. Let $L$ be the curve whose equation […]

Interesting GRE problem

I found this in a practice GRE problem. I thought I would have a crack at it after being spoiled by the answer At how many points in the xy-plane do the graphs of $y = x^{12}$ and $y = 2^x$ intersect? So I thought about doing something what most people would have done, solving […]

Ultimate GRE Prep

I’m planning on taking the math GRE Subject Exam in April (~11 months from today). I want to start preparing now in the hopes of scoring in the 95+ percentile. I have already taken a number of graduate courses and really need to refresh on some of the lower level stuff so here’s my plan: […]

GRE textbooks question – calculus and linear algebra

I’ll be taking the Math GRE subject test in a few months. I know that it is best to focus on being able to answer all the calculus, DEs, and linear algebra questions (and quickly). I’m a pure math student, so my computational skills and speed aren’t so great because I’m out of practice. I’m […]

Math GRE Subject Exam

I am studying for the GRE Mathematics subject exam. I am looking for tips regarding how to more effectively study for it. Does anyone know of any good study materials or have any tips in general?

GRE Math Subject Test

I am studying for GRE Math. I am looking for specific tips. What types of questions usually come up? Does anyone know any tricks (e.g. integration tricks) that might be helpful? Which theorems are absolutely essential? Apparently, most of the test is calculus and probability theory. What types of calculus and probability questions come up? […]

GRE past papers

As it is required for most students who wish to do a Ph.D in maths in the US to sit the GRE subject specific mathematics exam, I hope this question will be of interest to the mathematical community and will not be closed. Essentially, the exam was “rescaled” (made more difficult) in 2001 and I […]