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I'm searching for some books with guidance into mathematical study.

Yesterday, I’ve found this. It’s a PDF file with this purpose, from Oxford. Some weeks ago I’ve also found two books tha seems to fill this purpose: Prelude to Mathematics; I Want to Be a Mathematician. I’m not searching for something specific as I still have no idea on what I want to do with […]

Mnemonics for linear algebra

Sometimes formulas in linear algebra are not easy to remember. Some usefulness for the process of remembering can provide application of mnemonics. Do you know some useful mnemonics for this purpose? I’ll give two examples: For the process of finding the inverse of matrix it could be used mnemonic Detminstra what can be translated as […]

Which books to study category theory?

I am an amateur math researcher in the field of general topology. I’ve set the purpose to learn enough category theory for my research. After reading Steve Awodey, “Category Theory”, 2010, is it worth to read afterwards MacLane, “Categories for the Working Mathematicians” also? Or is Steve Awodey enough? What’s about “Abstract and Concrete Categories”?

Help in self-studying mathematics.

Is this a reasonable list for who seek to learn mathematics by “self learning” program? and is it a well sorted list to follow?

Map of Mathematical Logic

My undergraduate University does not offer advanced courses on logic, I know truth tables, Boolean algebra, propositional calculus. However I want to pursue Mathematical Logic on the long term as a mathematician. Can anyone suggest a study-map of Mathematical Logic. such as (1) Learn The following topics : a,b,c,etc.. (2) once you learned topics in […]

Undergrad Student Trying to Figure Out What to Study

this is my first time on stack exchange and I am seeking advice for my future studies. Some background first; I am a undergraduate student pursuing a degree in mathematics and I hope to pursue graduate level studies and eventually be a professor. I have taken math classes through calculus I and I am looking […]

Preparing for first year CS

I’m in Italian guy almost in my 30. I have a regular job as a programmer. When in school I’ve never been much interested nor good in math and even at the university I’ve been studying languages, hence something more on the literary side that on the scientific one. When in high school I’ve had […]

Organization of the Learning Process

Sorry for off topic. I’ll delete this topic immediately when community decides it’s useless, however if anyone finds it’s interesting, share your opinion with us. I just want to know your opinion about learning process you lead. How exactly do you organize your learning process? I’ll try to explain it more specific. On lectures I’ve […]

I still forget concepts even after answering numerous math problems

Note: this is particularly aimed at high-school/entry level college problems When I’m learning a new topic: 1) I read the theory given in the textbook at the start of each topic 2) proceed to read the solved example problems which the textbook provides (usually 3-5 with full solutions) 3) I then proceed onto answering every […]

How to study abstract algebra

I am taking Abstract Algebra course at the university. We are doing chapters 1-20 from Gallian’s abstract algebra text book. I am just doing assigned homework everyweek ( About 5 questions from each chapter). Although I am getting an A in all the assignments and midterms, but I am really worried that my understanding might […]