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Monty Hall Problem with Five Doors

My math class went over the original Monty Hall problem a few days ago, then looked at a related question where the number of doors was increased to five. There was a struggle to figure out what the answer to the problem is, and after coming back to it a few more times we’re still […]

A variant of the Monty Hall problem

Everybody knows the famous Monty Hall problem; way too much ink has been spilled over it already. Let’s take it as a given and consider the following variant of the problem that I thought up this morning. Suppose Monty has three apples. Two of them have worms in them, and one doesn’t. (For the purposes […]

Monty hall problem with leftmost goat selection.

We’ve all heard of the famous Monty Hall problem. However, what if Monty always picks the leftmost goat (and the player knows this)? Does this change the problem? I don’t think it does because Monty is always picking a goat door anyway. Does that make sense?

Variation on the Monty Hall Problem

Many of us know the Monty Hall Problem But the other day I was asked a variation of this riddle. The answer of the original question is, of course, $ 66\% $ in favor of changing doors, but this is based on the fact that the game show host knows where the prize is. Suppose […]

Monty hall problem extended.

I just learned about the Monty Hall problem and found it quite amazing. So I thought about extending the problem a bit to understand more about it. In this modification of the Monty Hall Problem, instead of three doors, we have four (or maybe $n$) doors, one with a car and the other three (or […]