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Statistics resources with examples for a C.S. student

I’m a computer science student and is fairly familiar with basic probability (calculating the probability of a event occurring, pmfs and pdfs) but I find it very difficult to grasp the concepts of advanced probability like principles of data reduction (sufficiency, likelihood principle, etc), point and interval estimation, Hypothesis testing, etc. I think it is […]

Is there a 'Mathematics wiki' analogous to 'String theory wiki'?

I came across this site and am wondering if there is a similar page for Mathematics or its sub-areas. Would be very nice if there is one such site which provides ‘canonical’ references for each sub area and preferably is editable like the Wikipedia system so that it reflects entire community’s opinion and not just […]

Looking for a source of an infinite trigonometric summation and other such examples.

Question: If $x \neq 0$, then prove that $\displaystyle \sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\dfrac1{2^n} \tan\left(\dfrac{x}{2^n}\right) = \dfrac1{x} – \cot x.$ My answer: I proved this result by using the following identity: $$ \prod_{k=1}^n \cos\left(\frac{x}{2^k}\right) = \frac{\sin x}{2^n\sin \frac{x}{2^n}}$$ I took natural log on both sides of the above equation and then differentiated both sides to get $$\sum_{k=1}^n \frac1{2^k} \tan\left(\frac{x}{2^k}\right) […]

Infinite Series Manipulations

Is there any comprehensive list (books, online, …) of rules for manipulating infinite series (partial sums) to find convergence of a sum? Often authors use some “trick” to compute an infinite series. Following this trick is always a disclaimer, such as “adding infinite sequences is not the same as adding discrete values so the usual […]

Which discussion board is good for homework questions?

I’m a CompSci university student and i want some help for my math questions. Therefore i am looking for a good discussion board for math homework questions. I don’t know any (good), because I come from an non-native-english-speaking country. any ideas ? note : I know that I could post my questions here, but: 1. […]

Stochastic Processes Solution manuals.

Does anyone have a link or a pdf stash of solution manuals for stochastic processes ebooks? I am doing a self-study on this course and I can’t seem to find any solution manual online to cross-check my solutions with. Any author or volume or version is ok with me. Thanks.

Anyone has a good recommendation of a free pdf book on group theory?

Anyone has a good recommendation of a free pdf book on group theory? I am specially interested in its application for computer science, however, I do not want it to be less mathematically rigorous just because of that. I found one that was good, but it only dealt with commutative groups throught the text 🙁

Online classes/books in multivariable calculus?

So does anyone know of any good online courses in multivariable calculus? (Or in a possible alternative leap of curriculum, if said path has proven to be better/moar interesting.) I’m coming straight from BC Calc (5); but my high school doesn’t offer math past that. As for descriptions of the course…not being free is tolerable. […]

Video Lessons in Complex Analysis

Does anybody have some link for good video lessons of a complete course in Complex Analysis? Grateful.

Video lectures for Commutative Algebra

Are there any good video lectures for learning commutative algebra at level of Atiyah-Macdonald?