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How does one know that a theorem is strong enough to publish?

Question. How does one know that a theorem is strong enough to publish? Basically, I have laid out a framework in which many theorems may be proven. I’m only 18 and therefore lack knowledge of whether this framework and the theorems sprouting from it are trivial along with the theorems. What is a good indicator […]

Is there any way to read articles without subscription?

This is not mathematician question but I think it’s related. How I can get access to some of “Software: Practice and Experience” articles without subscription? Any advice is welcome. Sorry if I’m posting at wrong site. Thanks.

Publishing elementary proofs of theorems

I’m an undergraduate student and I believe I found another proof of Heron’s formula. I have a bunch of questions: I would like to publish this “proof” (I haven’t found mistakes yet) in some magazine. But as you would expect I don’t want to discuss the proof with someone else from my university (perhaps they […]

Journals that publish papers quickly

I have written two papers in Mathematics and want to get them published. Can you suggest some journals that publish quickly? Besides, how can I know if a journal is well-regarded or not? I know there’s something called an impact factor but what else? For example how is this journal? IJMRS –

Starting sentences with mathematical symbols.

I apologise if this is a duplicate in any way or is too opinion-based. To what extent is it best not to start a sentence with a mathematical symbol? I find that when trying to solve a problem or prove something it’s an unnecessary distraction to care too much about forming proper sentences and so […]

What should an amateur do with a proof of an open problem?

Assuming that somebody is not an employee of a university, just a math amateur, and makes a proper proof of some well known open math problem, what should he do with it? Publish on the internet for verification or send to some authorities? Is there a high risk that nobody will treat it seriously?

How does a non-mathematician go about publishing a proof in a way that ensures it to be up to the mathematical community's standards?

I’m a computer science student who is a maths hobbyist. I’m convinced that I’ve proven a major conjecture. The problem lies in that I’ve never published anything before and am not a mathematician by profession. Knowing full well that my proof may be fallacious, erroneous, or simply lacking mathematical formality, what advice would you give […]

Does a Person Need a Mathematics Degree in order to Publish in a Mathematics jounal?

I am a neophyte amateur mathematician. I have been reading a lot about journals and the topic of peer-review in mathematics journals. Does one have to have professional credentials or have a Doctorate in order to publish in peer-reviewed mathematics journals or just the desire to compently solve mathematical problems?

How can a high schooler get more involved in mathematics?

For a high school student interested in majoring in math and learning more about math, what kinds of mathematical research can a student in high school get involved in? How can a high school student get involved? If a high school student does conduct research, what mathematical journals would be willing to publish their work? […]

Book about technical and academic writing

I’m in the process of writing my Master’s Thesis on automata theory. The writing must be in English which isn’t my mother tongue. So the question is, given that this is my first time long (hundred pages) writing and since English is a second language for me, what is the book you recommend for academic […]