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Good math puzzle books

The main question is in the title. The below are just disclaimers. By puzzle books, I mean just puzzle books and not any math text book. One such good example is Peter Winkler – Mathematical Puzzles A Connoisseur’s Collection. From that, to quote: To appreciate them, and to solve them, it is necessary – but […]

Resource request: history of and interconnections between math and physics

Reading this article I became curious to learn more of (- study more thoroughly and *seriously*$^{\star}$-) the topic. Is / are there some good references – either papers, books and/or other information content / sources – to provide a good (and, if possible, thorough) first introduction? Would be greatly helpful; and greatly appreciated. Sadiq Note: […]

Which Linear Algebra textbook would be best for beginners? (Strang, Lay, Poole)

I am looking at buying 1 of the 3 following Linear Algebra texts for my reference. Introduction to Linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang 4th edition Linear Algebra and its Applications by David Lay 4th edition Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction by David Poole 3rd edition The question I would like to ask is, which book […]

Reference request: proof that the first hitting time of a Borel set is a stopping time

Where exactly (book and page number) can I find the proof that the first hitting time of a Borel set a “Stopping time” (continuous time). My notes say it is a deep theorem, particularly hard to prove but didn’t give any reference. Moreover my prof mentioned that is is so hard to prove that the […]

linear algebra books with many examples

This question already has an answer here: Where to start learning Linear Algebra? [closed] 16 answers

Can anyone sketch an outline of Iwaniec's proof for the upper bound regarding the Jacobsthal function?

A proof by H. Iwaniec in ‘On the problem of Jacobsthal, Demonstratio Math. 11, 225–231, (1978)’ shows that: $$j(N) \ll \log^2 (N)$$ where $j(N)$ is the Jacobsthal function. I am very interested in understanding the details of this proof. Would anyone be able to provide a rough outline of the proof and suggest a good […]

Properties of generalized limits aka nets

I want to find some article or a book which contains all general properties of nets. Of course some of them similar to properties of sequences with almost the same proofs, but I don’t fill the edge, where nets and sequences starts to behave differently. Also it would be nice to find complete survey on […]

Reference Request: Finding an Op-Ed by J. Hammersley

I’m interested in finding an online copy of J. Hammersley’s article entitled On the enfeeblement of mathematical skills by Modern Mathematics and by similiar soft intellectual trash in schools and universities, which was published in the Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Band 4, 1968, S. 66–85. I’ve searched both the name […]

Proof of an elliptic equation.

I’d like to see a proof of the theorem Theorem:Let $u \in H^1(B_1)$ a weak solution of \begin{equation} – \operatorname{div}(a_{ij}(x)\nabla u(x)) = 0 \quad \text{in} \quad B_1 \end{equation} where. Then, given $0< \alpha <1$ there exists $\varepsilon = \varepsilon(n,\lambda,\Lambda,\alpha)$ such that if $\| a_{ij} -A\|_{L^\infty(B_1)}< \varepsilon $ and $A$ is constant matrix satisfying $\lambda \le […]

Good introductory probability book for graduate level?

Would you please suggest a good, readable introductory probability book for graduate level ? I have Shiryaev ‘s Probability with me, however i want to find another one. Preferably with solution manual for self study.