Articles of reference works

References on Inverse Problems, Approximation theory and Algebraic geometry

For example, you approximate structure functions of finite simple graphs in cases where only cut sets of the systems are known. The inverse problem means to build possible scenarios in underdetermined system. Gröbner bases provides a way to express a set of structure functions — however how can you know that the set of structure […]

What is the most complete book of integrals and series?

I’m looking for something like “If it’s not in this book, it’s not known”. I’ve got a copy of Gradshteyn and Ryzhik, which seems pretty good. But I’m hoping there are some better ones out there.

Encyclopedic dictionary of Mathematics

I’m looking for a complete dictionary about Mathematics, after searching a lot I found only this one . I’m looking for a book that can give me a big picture, well written with a clever idea in mind from the author, a big plus can be the presence of railroad diagram or diagram with […]

What is the meaning of the expression Q.E.D.? Is it similar to ■ appearing at the end of a theorem?

I am curious about the meaning of the word Q.E.D. that is often written after a proof of a theorem (some math books use this convention). Edit: Is it similar to the box being placed after a proof of a theorem? Also, what is the history of the development from Q.E.D. to ■ ?

How to get intuition in topology concerning the definitions?

Most topology texts go on directly to give definition of topology, then they give some examples and that’s it, like they directly tell you right Let $X$ be a set and let $τ$ be a family of subsets of $X$. Then $τ$ is called a topology on $X$ if: Both the empty set and $X$ […]

Probability spaces over graphs: which area has focus on them?

Suppose a simple graph $G$. Now consider probability space $G(v;p)$ where $0\leq p\leq 1$ and $v$ vertices. I want to calculate globally-determined properties of $G(v;p)$ such as connectivity and expected value of indicator function $$\mathbb E_{p\sim [0,1]^n}(\phi(G))$$ in terms of st-connectedness where $p$ follows let say uniform distribution. I want to understand which area investigates […]

Reference for general-topology

Though there are several posts discussing the reference books for topology, for example best book for topology. But as far as I looked up to, all of them are for the purpose of learning topology or rather on introductory level. I am wondering if there is a book or a set of books on topology […]