recommending books for GRE math subject test

I wonder if anyone could recommend some books (other than Princeton Review) to prepare for the GRE math subject exam. I’ve heard that the REA books have lots of typos, though it has 6 practice exams. So I am really looking for the books with some practice exams, but needs to be well-written.

Thanks in advance.

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REA books or Princeton review are not so useful.

  1. Make sure that you do each and every problem from Stewart Calculus atleast twice, since its timed test, pace is also important factor.

  2. Do Dummit upto field extensions, if you have time do Artin’s Algebra too.

  3. Rudin Real Analysis, Munkres Topology, Insel Linear Algebra are also must.

  4. I suggest to go for Gamlin Complex Analysis, Brown’s Complex Analysis is also sufficient but if you are good at Complex Analysis you can save time in the exam by simplifying integral using methods from Complex Analysis. (Do till Residues)

  5. For the misc topics pick any Discrete Maths book and read them a day or two that’s more than enough.

  6. Learn some basic number theory from any introductory book.

  7. Do all the 4 available practice tests, you should be able to finish of the tests little earlier because actual test will be harder than those practice tests.

These are the books I can recollect now, if possible I will update later with other books if any.

This test is 90% on calculus or precalculus. I did not do well but my friends who spend one month reviewing Stewart got perfect mark rather easily. So try to work on as many dumb problems as possible in Stewart’s book, it will help.

In case you decided to go to graduate school, it will help you in TA sesions as well. Before the test, the undergraduate students will ask you three question in a minute and you have to sketch a proof for any problem to them in 20 seconds. In my case the department advisor just sent me to the math helproom and claimed I can help any student in any subject whatsoever, and that is my experience of life as a teaching assistant.