reference for operator algebra

I am taking a course on operator algebra this semester. My instructor has suggested a reference “Kadinson and Ringrose.” Are there any other good/standard references for this subject that I can look up?

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The book by Kadison and Ringrose does not contain a number modern topics (irrational rotation algebras, Cuntz algebras, K-theory etc.). I have used the following books for my lectures:

G.Murphy “$C^*$-algebras and operator theory”

and the

K.Davidson “$C^*$-algebras by example.”

A nice introduction to K-theory of $C^*$-algebras with prerequisites on $C^*$-algebras is

N.E.Wegge-Olsen “K-theory and $C^*$-algebras. A friendly approach.”

On the other hand I find the book by Kadison and Ringrose much easier to read.

The classical monograph by Dixmier can be used as encyclopedia of basic $C^*$-algebra theory.