Vectors spanning a plane

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Consider the plane $\mathbb{R}^3$ defined by the equation $x+2y-z=0$ Find any two vectors $\mathbf{v},\mathbf{w}$ such that their span may be identified with this plane.

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$M=\{(x,y,z)^T\in \mathbb{R^3}:x+2y-z=0\}$





$M=\{(x,y,z)^T\in \mathbb{R^3}:x+2y-z=0\}=<(1,0,1)^T,(0,1,2)^T>$

Just take two vectors that satisfy the equation of the plane for example
$$v=(-1,1,1)^T\quad;\quad w=(0,1,2)^T$$
and verify that they are linearly independent i.e. there’s not $k\in\Bbb R$ such that