Which universities teach true infinitesimal calculus?

My colleague and I are currently teaching “true infinitesimal calculus” (TIC), in the sense of calculus with infinitesimals, to a class of about 120 freshmen at our university, based on the book by Keisler. Two of my colleagues in Belgium are similarly teaching TIC at two universities there. I am also aware of such teaching going on in France in the Strasbourg area, based on Edward Nelson’s approach, though I don’t have any details on that.

Which universities teach true infinitesimal calculus? Anyone with any additional information in this direction is requested to provide it.

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A colleague in Italy has recently told me about a conference on using infinitesimals in teaching in Italian highschools. This NSA (nonstandard analysis) conference was apparently well attended (over 100 teachers showed up). Anybody with more information about this (who to contact, what the current status of the proposal is, etc.) is hereby requested to provide such information here.

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